Title: Partnering with Parents (5 Hour Self Study) ( CEGEPWP )
Short description:

This course helps teachers understand how parents think and also helps discover strategies to use while facing common challenging situations while working with parents.

Long description: Do you have a child you know can soar if she had extra help learning at home? Partnering with parents is a way to support students. Many parents need motivation and support to help them partner with the teacher. In our profession as teachers, we must partner with the parents of our students. The “dream parents” are cooperative, freely volunteer and carry on the learning process at home. However, many parents need motivation and support to help them partner with the teacher.

In this course, you will learn about various personalities and come away with an understanding of why parents think the way that they do. You will also discover strategies that you can use in a number of common challenging situations teachers face while working with parents. Finally, learn more about planning and organizing activities in your school.

This course will help you enhance your professional interaction and communication skills as well as help you build lasting relationships with the parents of your students.
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