Title: Creative Writing in the Internet Connected Classroom ( CEITCWIC )
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This course is designed to help teachers facilitate the creative writing process from start to finish. Using Web 2.0 resources, teachers are able to have students interact with the writing process in new and exciting ways. Credit availability: 10 Clk hrs, Grad credits.

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Web 2.0 resources are a valued commodity, especially when it comes to engaging students in the writing process. The Internet provides many free sites and tools that can help your students make their stories come to life!

This course will help you learn to utilize Web 2.0 sites and tools to create opportunities for your students to craft stories from beginning to end. You will explore 21st Century skills and instruments for creative brainstorming via graphic organizers and word clouds, and generating a final product with programs like Sumo Paint, TikaTok, Storybird, and Zooburst. The strategies and tools shared in this course will deliver an innovative leap forward for those individuals willing to step out and jumpstart the writing process.

This 10 hour course is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in a self-paced learning format. Educators and professionals looking for engaging and effective ways to enhance student performance and success will come away energized and focused.

NEA members will receive a special discount for course access, when they register through the NEA Academy website. Credit for course completion is issued by the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) through the university’s Continuing Education Department.

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