Title: Instructional Planning ( CEGEIP )
Short description:

Instructional planning is like a quilt. It can be randomly done, using strategies and pedagogy that will get the curriculum covered, but its haphazard, random presentation does not lead to further exploration of ideas and concepts. Credit availability: 30 CEUs.

Long description:

Formal education processes (i.e. public schools, colloquial schools, independent schools etc.) are guided by content or standards for each given discipline. This set of content standards is called the curriculum. Teachers present the curriculum to learners through sets of objectives or goals for each concept contained within those content standards. Upon employment, teachers are given the curriculum with the expectation that learners will demonstrate mastery of the curriculum through pre-determined assessments. The “covering” of this curriculum is the basis for many educational practices such as curriculum mapping and pacing guides. However, these resources are only the beginning of the process of effective instruction.

Highlights: The course on Instructional Planning will engage participants through on-line discussions, exploration of resources, and design of applicable materials. It will be interactive with participants presenting their own designs and gathering ideas from other participants.

Run Time & Credit Availability: Courses run 8 weeks. New offerings begin the first Wednesday of each month. Thirty (30) hours of continuing education units (CEUs) are available.

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Curriculum,Teaching and learning,Content standards,Lesson Design,Brain Research,Instructional Planning,Multiple Intelligences,Multiple Intelligences Theory,Diverse Learners

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