Title: Improving Content Reading and Writing - Part 1 ( CELAICR1 )
Short description:

Involve students in activities before, during, and after the reading or writing tasks in core areas. Help students to read and write purposefully, think about vocabulary and concepts, and make connections between new and known in content. Credit availability: Grad credits.

Long description:

Improving Content Reading and Writing Skills is a 2-module course that provides teachers with more effective instructional and reinforcement strategies for content reading and writing lessons.

Highlights: In Part 1, the declarative knowledge of the strategy is the focus. Effective content reading and writing involves participation in relevant activities before, during and after the reading of informational texts. This strategy helps students to read more purposefully, think more carefully about vocabulary and concepts, and make connections between what they already know and what they are learning. When teachers incorporate Improving Content Reading and Writing Skills into the curriculum, students will develop Literacy Study Skills as a prerequisite to content area reading and writing activities, learn how to apply important vocabulary, as a pre-reading strategy, to aid in the understanding of content information, and be able to establish a purpose for reading using an anticipation guide, KWL chart, or other prior knowledge assessment.

Run time and Credit Availability: Course runs 8 weeks. Graduate credit is available from California State University-Bakersfield for $435.

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Learning Bridges

SQ3R, chunking, verbalization, map reading, inquiry, directions, mathematics, science, vocabulary, Common Core, CCSS, ELA

Price: $350.00