Title: Teaching Excellence in Math for Pre-Algebra Teachers ( CEMAMPAT )
Short description:

This course provides Pre-Algebra professional development through the I CAN Learn Program, a unique online delivery system. Credit availability: 40 Clk Hrs, Grad credit.

Long description:

This course is designed to help teachers build a solid base of math content knowledge and provide methodologies and strategies for introducing concepts and teaching math objectives. Lessons are taught using interactive multimedia presentations through which teachers learn new ways to improve their mathematics content knowledge. Education Support Professionals (ESPs) who assist with classroom instruction in middle schools or who are working on their certification can also benefit from the instruction. Course objectives include graphing linear equations, transformations in the coordinate plane, creating and interpreting data from graphs, and using the Pythagorean Theorem. Online-facilitated course features instructor for second (NCU) course component.

Highlights: Well designed and visually appealing. The warm-up feature for each lesson allows the participant to gain an understanding of his or her current ability with math. Exceptional tutorials and course chunking with constant review. Course video makes participants feels like they are interacting with others; does not require collaboration and instead deals with skills teachers might need to enhance or refresh.

Limitations: Not designed for multiple participants or reflective practice.

Run Time: Approximately 40-50 hours.

Credit Availability:  1 Graduate Credit is available through a partnership with Northcentral University (NCU).

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