Title: Brain Based Instruction ( CEGEBBI )
Short description:

This program helps educators design lesson plans to best accommodate how different types of students learn. Credit availability: 5.5 Clk Hrs, Grad credit.

Long description:

Understanding how the brain processes information can be the key to increasing learning, memory and retention. Drawing on decades of research, Dr. Marcus Conyers and Dr. Donna Wilson show you how to create brain-based lesson plans and classroom activities. Learn how to "chunk" classroom instruction and use modeling to increase comprehension. Watch as Dr. Wilson teaches real students how to successfully use a “systemic search approach.”

- Discover, not only how to "drive" your students’ brains, but how best to teach those with different learning styles.
- See what factors impact the brain while learning and what effective teachers take from brain-based research to apply to their classrooms.
- Discover how learning and memory work in the brain and what tactics and strategies can be used in your classroom to keep your students engaged and retaining lessons!
- Alter the way you communicate with each of your students and gain a better teacher-student relationship, as well as an effective way to educate an entire classroom.
- Create a bank of brain-based lessons

4 hours of video
5.5 hours completion time
Multiple Choice Assessment

(Graduate credit available: Consult your school district. EI courses have been approved by various school district in every state.)

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Price: $89.00