Title: Assessment for Learning: Innovative Ways to Check for Understanding ( CEGEALCU )
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Discover a variety of classroom assessment techniques; special presenter Rick Stiggins. Credit availability: 5.6 Clk Hrs, Grad credit.

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Are your students reluctant to tell you they don’t understand something? You may be teaching, but are they learning? The Assessment for Learning program was created to provide you with the skills and tools needed to uncover what your students know, what they still need to learn, and how to use assessment as a tool for learning – not just evaluating. Packed with practical suggestions for teachers of every subject, this program includes countless real classroom examples to model with your students. The program features an array of experts including Rick Stiggins, one of North America’s leading authors on classroom assessment, and founder of the Assessment Training Institute.

Viewers will be able to:

- Explain the various methods of assessing student comprehension
- Acquire various methods for quickly checking if students are grasping key concepts
- Classify the assessment strategy known as “authentic assessments”
- Compare older ways of assessing to the assessments for learning strategies
- Compare formative assessment to summative assessment and when to use each
- Formulate assessments that target learning objectives
- Reflect on teaching practices based on assessments
- Establish expectations through effective use of rubrics
- Communicate with students through the use of rubrics
- Understand the basic need for data utilization
- Compare informal data and formal data uses
- Collect ideas for uses of classroom data to modify instruction
- Recall specific examples of how teachers use data to increase student achievement

4 hours of video
5.6 hours completion time
2 Multiple Choice Assessments
8 Optional Skill Building Activities
Real classroom examples

(Graduate credit available: Consult your school district. EI courses have been approved by various school district in every state.)

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