Title: Supporting UDL and the Common Core Standards with Interactive Whiteboard Systems ( CEITSUDL )
Short description:

This course introduces ways Interactive Whiteboard Systems (IWB) can support the Common Core state standards and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) frameworks in subject areas across the curriculum.  In the hands of trained educators, all IWB systems can be powerful instructional tools to help meet the needs of all learners. Credit availability: 45 Clk Hrs, CEUs, Grad credit.

Long description:

The first section of this course explores several current themes in instruction including the Common Core Standards, Universal Design for Learning, and measuring effective teaching. The next section provides a brief overview of different IWB systems before digging in deeper to build a strong foundation of IWB skills such as using the basic software tools and integrating other software and hardware. The next section shows how these skills can be integrated into multiple curricular areas including language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, music, and art. Throughout, there are connections to common core standards in multiple grade levels and UDL differentiation suggestions. In the last section, you will apply your knowledge to create and teach a lesson of your own, using at least seven of the IWB skills you have learned in this course and identify the standard(s) it supports and at least one differentiation extension. This course includes over 40 videos of a credentialed, SMART® certified teacher demonstrating the skills and how they support instruction.

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Commom Core State Standards, UDL, Technology, Instructional Technology, whiteboard system, integrated whiteboard, lessons, whiteboard operation, differentiation, instruction, special education, CCSS

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